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Filling water

Being a family-owned business, you will find Chesapeake Water Supply to be reliable and prompt when you call for your water delivery services. Count on us, as we are the one who serves the contractors and industrial applications in Eastern Shore and Delaware all year round.


Though we do require a minimum of 6,000 gallons when you place an order, we are willing to accommodate our customers with smaller orders. However, the minimum price that we will charge is for a full truckload.

Dependable Water Delivery

Timely delivery services

Serving the community for over 20 years, our timely service and correspondence will have your water delivered so that your family can relax and enjoy the summer festivities.


  • Pool filling

  • Pond filling

  • Spa and hot tub filling

  • Water delivery to contractors & job sites

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Don't Be a Terrapin Out in the Heat, Let Us Fill Your Pools

Pool and pond